Tyler Ferguson • Springboro High School Lacrosse, #48
Position: Attack, X

Tyler Ferguson Springboro, OHMy name is Tyler Ferguson and I am currently a sophomore student at Springboro High school. I have been playing the sport of lacrosse for over eight years and truly love everything about the game. In that time, I have learned a great deal from the many coaches I have had, as well as the exceptional team I am blessed to grown up playing with. My sophomore season (Junior Varsity), I was voted captain. We went 12-1, with our our only loss against Mason (3-2). At season’s end I was voted Offensive Player of the Year, with 32 goals and 41 assists.

Every day, I continue to work hard at improving my stick skills and lacrosse IQ. My goal is to someday play beyond high school, and help a college program in whatever way I can. Of course, I realize that in order to reach that goal, I will have to not only keep improving my skills as a player, but also take care of business in the classroom. You cannot become a student athlete without being a “student”. My parents drive me to do the best I can in school, making sure I know that my grades are the most important thing for me to get ahead in life.

Over the years I have participated in summer travel leagues, winter & fall indoor leagues, and even have played box lacrosse here in Springboro. Playing against elite competition will definitely help me to keep growing as a player. I recently played in the prestigious NXT Can-Am showcase and invitational help in Detroit. A sophomore competing against college-bound juniors and seniors, I got to experience first-hand what it takes to play at the next level. It was exciting to discover that I could definitely compete and contribute with these national players – proving to myself that playing in college is more than just a dream.

In my off time, I work out with professional sports performance trainers to better my abilities. But away from the field, I also like to fish, golf and draw. Art is something I enjoy a great deal and would like to incorporate that into my college curriculum. A possible career in graphic design or studio design would interest me. Other hobbies include playing video games, cooking and playing basketball. Lacrosse is my first love though, and I will continue getting as much experience as I can in order to reach my goals.

To contact me directly, please feel free to call my cell phone at (937) 825-2446 or send me an e-mail by going here.