Highlight Videos

Below you will find a compilation of videos that will continue growing as future games are recorded. As an attack player (also can play middie), you will see goals being scored, assists being provided (as they count as much as goals in my opinion) – and you will see the other “off ball” dirty work I take pride in performing to help the team. Getting to loose balls, setting screens for teammates and playing defense all are as important to me as scoring or making the pass. Please check back often.

Cincinnati Royals High School Elite, 2017 Summer Lacrosse

Ohio Lacrosse Festival, Chicago Cup & MVP Delaware


2017 Springboro Junior Varsity Lax, Captain – Highlight Video

41 Assists / 32 Goals on 58 Shots = 55% Scoring Percentage / 18 Ground Balls / 73 Points of Team’s Total 155 Points